Publications 2023

In 2023, I created the study scripts "Gesundheitspolitik" ("Health Policy") and "Preispolitik im Gesundheitswesen" ("Pricing Policies in the Healthcare System") for IU International University, Erfurt, Germany. These study materials are intended for students in the bachelor programs of Health Management and Health Economics.

The study scripts serve as comprehensive learning materials that provide structured and organized content to support students' understanding of health policy and pricing policies in the German healthcare system. The scripts include relevant information, explanations, examples, diagrams, and exercises that guide students through the curriculum. They are designed to aid self-directed learning and serve as a reference for students to review concepts, study for exams, and deepen their knowledge of the German healthcare system. The study scripts provide useful knowlege for the complex topics where clear explanations and visual aids are essential for comprehension.

Health policy

This script addresses the complex aspects of health policy in Germany. From analyzing the basic types of healthcare systems to political decision-making processes and the influence of government and self-administration, it sheds light on the factors that significantly impact the healthcare provisions in Germany. Intended primarily for IU students aiming to comprehend how political processes affect health policy.

Pricing policies in the German healthcare system

The script evaluates the financing of healthcare services in Germany. It examines the significance and types of different financing systems in the outpatient and inpatient sectors, analyzes the pricing policies of statutory health insurances, and considers the pricing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and digital health applications (DiGA). A "must-read" for students at the IU International University who study health management or health economics and everybody who is interested in German healthcare financing.